Research Journal

About Me


  Alice Zhang

  University: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  Major: Computer Science

  Grade Level: Sophomore

  Graduation: May 2024


About My Mentor


Amy Zhang

Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington

Research Areas: Human-Computer Interaction and Social Computing

Social Futures Lab

About My Project

Project: Our project aims to understand user preferences for setting personal content configurations. The investigation takes a user-centered approach to understand how end-users would like to manage their moderation configurations and the reasoning behind why these preferences differ. Our study uses a between-subjects design with xy Mechanical Turk workers to investigate user preferences for differing types of content moderation inferfaces including toggle buttons, sliders, and word filters.


  1. Gain insights on how user preferences for specific interfaces relate to specific types of content
  2. Gain insights on when and how frequently users see these tools as empowering versus an additional burden

Final Project Report